Building Connections Event

March 7th, 2023

Back in February, GMYN delivered an employability event as part of the Building Connections Programme, in partnership with UK Youth and Coca-Cola.

Young people from across GMYN’s programmes came together with representatives from UK Youth and Coca-Cola, as well as employers from Manchester based companies Compass MarketingGrubSlater Heelis and Aspire Building Solutions.

The afternoon was filled with discussions, Q&As and presentations focussed on the world of work and routes into employment.

“The event was insightful. It was good to hear off employers that even if you don’t have experience, as long as you have the drive and enthusiasm for the job, it’s still worth applying for as they are more likely to hire someone with no experience but the drive and willingness to learn compared to someone who might have years of experience but not have the right attitude for the job.

Going for a job works two ways. Not only should the employer get something from them hiring you, but you as an employee should should also get something and if you feel it’s wrong then it usually is.”

A young person reflecting on the Building Connections event.

Young people got the chance to network, ask questions about the employers personal experiences of finding work and gain an insight into potential career paths open to them in Greater Manchester.

“I enjoyed getting to know some employers and them explaining where they started to where they’re at now, plus with different companies it expands the opportunity of knowing about different outcomes.”

A young person reflecting on the conversations they had during the Building Connections event.

As part of the Building Connections Project, further employability events will take place with a range of different employers to widen young people’s perspectives on the potential career paths available to them. These workshops will also provide an opportunity for employers to listen to the needs of young people seeking employment and help them to understand the challenges they face.

GMYN hopes through providing a space for these conversations to happen, young people and employers can work together to improve accessibility of routes into employment.

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