GMYN’s story

Our vision is #YoungPeopleCan

Our mission is to enable young people to have a positive impact on their own lives and the wider community.

Founded in 2007 by our Chief Executive, Alex Fairweather, Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN) has grown from a single volunteering project to an established and highly respected charity. GMYN has supported marginalised young people across Greater Manchester, providing new opportunities and chances to progress in life.

GMYN was created through a need to provide opportunities and support for young people struggling and needing help.  We saw an opportunity to take a chance and create a new charity that could provide help and support, and involve young people directly in shaping what we do. And many years later, we are still here working hard to continue supporting the young people of Greater Manchester.

“Going on GMYN’s residential helped me to start believing in myself. Now I have more confidence. Thank you so much!”

Young person – Benefitting from our Manchester UASC programme

Across the city, disadvantaged young people need support to move towards a positive future.  The last few years have been extremely difficult due to the pandemic and cost of living crisis, and young people have experienced heightened uncertainty and isolation. Charities like GMYN are vital to ensure young people are given every opportunity to succeed.

We need your help!

GMYN needs help more than ever. We rely on the kind donations and support from our friends. Please consider donating to GMYN or helping us in various ways.

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The need

Many young people find that moving towards a positive future isn’t easy. Difficult experiences early on in life often leave young people with limited support networks. This can contribute to poor mental health and low aspirations.

GMYN believes all young people deserve access to positive experiences. Our innovative services offer exciting opportunities and support that young people cannot access elsewhere. Our developmental programmes and drop-in activities help young people to strengthen social connections, improve wellbeing, increase confidence, develop skills and have their say on issues that matter to them.

“I’m so proud to be part of a charity that cares so much, and works tirelessly to help young people who urgently need it”

Alex Fairweather, CEO of GMYN

We have already supported over 15,000 young people and now deliver over 25 unique programmes across Greater Manchester.

GMYN has seen growth over the past few years, and we are immensely proud that the charity has developed from a small idea with some excited and willing volunteers to what it is now. We have made some great friends and gained new supporters along the way, and we are excited to see what the future brings.

Stay up to date

Our involvement with Piper Hill Post-16’s safer road campaign

Piper Hill Post-16 in Wythenshawe have started a petition to Manchester City Council, campaigning for a safe crossing outside their school so that they are able to cross the road.

Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2024

This Neurodiversity Celebration Week we’ve been speaking to our young people about what is means to be autistic and why this week is so important.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day many young people joined us at Citypress to celebrate the day and come together to have some fun!

Thank you to our funders

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